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Unusual things to do in Ghent - dancing in the street definitely gets attention

Unusual Things to do In Ghent – Dancing in the Street

Unusual Things to do in Ghent – Dancing in the Street It is without a doubt one of the coolest places in Belgium. Therefore it is no surprise that you will find some unusual things to do in Ghent. Running and dancing (“rancing”) in the street for example and creating a party as you slowly […]

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Running in the parks of London


Running Tour London Stay in shape or work up a sweat while exploring the UK's most vibrant and lively city. If you love jogging and exploring beautiful places then bring your running shoes and join us on this workout exploration tour. No previous experience needed. We pass by many of London's landmarks and popular areas [...]

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Happy rancers in the green


“Rancing” Tour London We arrange tours in Brighton and London and we are Rancers. You are what??? You heard it right, we are Rancers and proud of it! Rancing is an extremely fun way of exploring the city while getting in some exercise. We are passionate about running, but also love dancing and music and […]

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VIP Shopping Tour London


Personalised shopping at its best! Shop until you drop! London is an amazing city that never sleeps and where shopping is on the bucket list of many visitors. If you ever dreamt of walking through and visit some of the most exclusive shops and areas of our capital city, then this VIP London Shopping Tour […]

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Unusual Things to do in Brighton - Brighton Dance Party

Brighton Dance Party – Music and Fancy Dress

Brighton Dance Party – Music and Fancy Dress It should not be a surprise that there are a lot of unusual things to do in Brighton. For instance, a dance party where you run and dance through the streets of our beloved city, and create a little party. Perfectly normal, right?! The city is without […]

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A chocoholic's dream - Brighton Chocolate Tour

Brighton Chocolate Tour

Our child-friendly Brighton chocolate tour is not only for those with a sweet tooth. Anyone who likes to pamper their taste buds or equally enjoys an endorphin rush will enjoy our tastings and leave on a (sugar) high. Chocolate comes in many forms and flavours. For instance pralines, fudge, ice cream, cake, cookies, tea, liquor, […]

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