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Stockholm Nature Tours – Nacka Nature Reserve

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Stockholm Nature Tours – Nacka Nature Reserve (Hellasg?rden)

Stockholm Nature Tours are an ideal way to discover places near the capital. On the whole, no matter where you are in Stockholm, you are always close to islands, water and nature. Hellasg?rden is your gateway to some great hiking trails and is only a 20 minutes bus ride from the central city. Not only is it part of the Nacka Nature Reserve (Hellasg?rden), but it is also a place where the locals love to go. It should be noted that Stockholm is the only big city in Europe, except for Oslo in Norway, that has such a big, untouched nature area. Especially one that is so close to the centre.

If you enjoy the outdoors, this recreation area is without a doubt the perfect escape. Particularly after a day of sightseeing, or if you want to wind down and have some quiet time. Moreover, if you want to experience the real Stockholm, go where the locals like to hang out. It is possible to do this tour all year round. However, there are a few nuances, depending on the season.


The name ‘Hellas’ comes from a sports club that has its origins in 1899. In general, the area around the pretty K?lltorp Lake was a popular spot for excursions and outdoor activities. For instance, football and water polo. Club members enjoyed staying around the lake. As a result, they built a clubhouse in 1914. In later years they expanded and built cottages.

Today, it is possible to rent those. The sports club that is currently looking after the recreational area has two goals. First, they are interested in organising sports activities for their members. Second. they also want to generate an interest in the outdoors with the general public. If you are looking for Stockholm nature tours, join us and get back to basic and enjoy small lakes, pine trees and rocky outcrops.

Even in winter our Stockholm Nature Tours to the Nacka Nature Reserve are well worth it

Even in winter our Stockholm Nature Tours to the Nacka Nature Reserve are well worth it

About this tour

The hike

We meet at the subway stop Slussen – exit G?tgatan. First, you get a brief introduction and what what you can expect on this tour. Second, we make our way to the bus terminal and take a ride to Nacka Nature Reserve. The journey is about 20 minutes. Stockholm nature tours are without a doubt a great way to discover non-touristy areas. Moreover, you experience places where Stockholmers like to hang out. Before we start our walking tour, there is one more chance to use the bathroom.

Our hike is 5 hm and requires a good level of fitness. The terrain is varied and ranges from flat paths on gravel to steep climbs over rocks. Therefore, you must have good, sturdy walking shoes. Moreover, a sense of adventure is important too. On this hike, you get mesmerising views of the K?lltorp Lake that dominates the area. And if you like photography and taking amazing pictures, this is your chance!

Our Stockholm Nature Tours bring you to some top spots with brilliant views over the Nacka Nature Reserve

Our Stockholm Nature Tours bring you to some top spots with brilliant views over the Nacka Nature Reserve

Picnic and Swimming

Finally, just before we finish our nature walk, you are invited to a traditional Swedish picnic (weather and season depending). In winter, we take you to a cosy cottage to warm up and get you energised again. In general, Swedes love their picnics and smorgasbords and it is a very traditional thing to do. Food includes for instance herring, smoked salmon, meatballs, cheese, blueberry soup and not the forget the famous cinnamon buns.

Last but not least, when in Sweden, do as the Swedes. Thus, have a dip in the water and go for a swim. You will welcome it after your hike. This is where the tour ends. our Stockholm nature tours are as short or long as you wish. Therefore, after our tour, it is possible to stay on and return by yourself to the city. In winter, you can add a sauna session (additional cost and needs to be pre-booked) for example. And if you are brave enough, jump in the ice water. For Swedes, it is a perfectly normal thing to do.

Our Stockholm Nature Tours invite you to have a swim in the Nacka Nature Reserve

Our Stockholm Nature Tours invite you to have a swim in the Nacka Nature Reserve

Nature tours in Stockholm (Nacka Nature Reserve) ?- what to expect


  • Time: Daily at 10 am
  • Meeting Point: Slussen subway station (exit G?tgatan)
  • Duration: Half a day (3 to 5 hours; therefore, make sure to bring a bottle of water and a snack as there is no option to buy something en route)
  • Distance: 5 km (it is important to wear good walking shoes and dress according to the weather)
  • You need to have a good level of fitness
  • You need to be able to walk over uneven terrain and climb over rocks
  • bring sturdy walking shoes, appropriate walk gear and swimming togs
  • Book latest one week in advance (so we can prepare your arrival)
  • Food Allergies / Intolerances: Please get in touch if you have special requirements
  • Min. 5 participants
  • Max. 15 participants
  • Adults only (18+)


  • Guide
  • Return transport from Stockholm
  • Walking Tour in Nature Reserve
  • Spectacular Views
  • Photo Opportunities
  • Swimming (like the locals do)
  • Traditional Swedish Picnic
  • A taste of Real Swedish Life
  • Happy Memories

Private Bookings, Enquiries and Contact Details

Our Stockholm nature tours can also be booked as private tours. Just click ‘Book a Private Tour’ upon checkout. An additional charge applies. This is, for instance, a good option if you are a group of friends or a family and do not wish other guests on your tour. Alternatively, if there are not enough participants, you can choose to do a private tour. If you have any?tour related questions, please call?+44 (0) 7783 152151 or fill out our contact form. We reply as soon as possible and look forward to welcoming you in ?Nacka Nature Reserve. It should be noted to special rates apply for group of 10 or more.?


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