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Tours of Ghent wants to put this Belgian secret on the map. Hence, we want to share this city with national and international visitors alike. Ghent is without a doubt one of the prettiest medieval cities in Europe and a hidden gem. Whereas most travellers think of Brussels and Bruges when they think of Belgium, Ghent should also be on your bucket list. Not only do you encounter a city full of history, but you can walk everywhere. Moreover, the food and cultural scene is amazing too! Ghent is vibrant and in general the place where things happen. The city has a reputation of always being one step ahead of other places. Therefore, Ghent is perfect for a day trip from Brussels and Bruges as it is only half an hour by train. Furthermore, if you come from Antwerp, it is also just 50 mins.

Ghent is a perfect day trip from Brussels and Bruges and is only half an hour by train. Antwerp is 50 mins.

Ghent is a perfect day trip from Brussels and Bruges and is only half an hour by train


Even though Ghent has a rich history, old buildings and medieval city centre, there are many stories to reveal too. For instance, what is the relationship between the famous purple candy ?cuberdon? and the city? Or why are the inhabitants of Ghent so rebellious compared to other places in Flanders for example? And what is the reason that Ghent is also called ?Artevelde city?? Tours of Ghent scratch more than just the surface. We let you discover a unique and charming city beyond the touristy spots.

Activities with Tours of Ghent

We at Tours of Ghent offer several tours that combine Ghent sightseeing with a special interest. For instance, food and exercise. We enjoy showing you the city from a local?s point of view and will therefore also go off the beaten track. All our tours are in English. However, special language requests are possible. And if you are local, you can, of course, ask for a tour in Dutch if you want that. In general, you have plenty of opportunities to take photos and make a stop to enjoy the view. Moreover, our tours can be customised and adjusted, so that they suit your needs.

All our tours have a COVID-19 policy in place based on the National Security (Nationale Veiligheidsraad) guidelines. This is not only for your safety and that of the people we work with, but also for our guides and other participants.

Walking Food Tour Ghent

One of the most popular activities of Tours of Ghent is our Walking Food Tour Ghent. It is an activity that involves most of your senses. For instance, imagine the smell of a traditional Belgian beer, let your taste buds have a fiesta when you try a handmade chocolate and be mesmerised by all the natural colours in a plant-based cafe. This tour is without a doubt a true celebration of what we Belgians love the most: enjoying some good food and drink. After all, a Burgundian lifestyle is in our DNA and we love to share it with you.

Chocolate tasting in Ghent on our walking food tour

Chocolate tasting in Ghent on our walking food tour


Ghent is a precursor on many levels. As a result, there are a lot of interesting eateries. We like to combine the traditional classics, such as the famous Ghandaham, with some more adventurous tasters. For example, vegan mozzarella cheese. On the whole, we aim to support local small businesses and introduce you to the locals. They are keen to share their own story too and are the places where locals go too. Hence, our walking food tour of Ghent leaves you with a feeling that you got to know this place and its people.

In addition to some great tasters, you also discover Ghent landmarks and must-sees. For example the St Bavo Cathedral, famous Graslei and Korenlei and some of the popular squares. Moreover, you also go a little bit outside the historical heart of the city so you experience Ghent as a local. There is so much to discover that you just want to stay after this tour.

Visit famous Graslei with Tours of Ghent

Visit famous Graslei with Tours of Ghent

Running Tour Ghent

Overall, if you visit Ghent the first time, it is hard to imagine there is an oasis of green just beyond the centre. If you just look a little further, there are many green spots to explore. Our running tour in Ghent takes you to some of those areas. For example, recreational domain Blaarmeersen and local favourite Watersportbaan is just around the corner. Moreover, there is also a nature reserve Bourgoyen.

If you are the sporty type who also enjoys some exercise whilst on holiday, this running tour is a great option. Not only do you see the historical part of the city, but you also cover more ground. This is however not a competition. Tours of Ghent makes regular stops and has an easy pace in place. Even though no special fitness level is required, you need to be able to run at least 4 km.

Running tour in Ghent from a different angle

Running tour in Ghent from a different angle

Unusual Things to do in Ghent – Dancing in the Street

Our Tours of Ghent ?rancing? (running and dancing) tour is without a doubt one where many people will turn their head. Not only is this the most original and quirkiest way to see the city, but it is also the funniest and coolest one in our humble option. If you want to participate in unusual things to do in Ghent, this is undoubtedly the right place. Dress up and be your craziest self, as this is a party for young and old! We run through the streets to cover ground and make random dance stops at popular landmarks and must-sees. For instance, the Castle of the Counts and Graslei. This tour celebrates everything unique about you, so join us for an hour full of excitement!


When unusual things happen in Ghent, passers-by get curious

When unusual things happen in Ghent, passers-by get curious

Tours of Ghent – Contact Details and Enquiries

If you have questions about any of the tours or want to know more about Tours of Ghent, you are welcome to email us on You are also welcome to fill out the form below. We reply to you as soon as possible and look forward to welcoming you on one of our tours.

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