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Mechelen Food Tour

This tour starts from Grote Markt (Main Square) in front of the City Hall (0)
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Mechelen Food Tour

Without using too much hyperbole, Mechelen is undoubtedly Belgium’s most underrated city. However, once you scratch the surface, you discover a world full of surprises. Therefore, our Mechelen walking food tour is an ideal opportunity to explore this charming city and pamper your taste buds with some local specialities. Less than half an hour by train from popular Brussels and Antwerp, but just as pretty – if not more – it makes an ideal day trip if you want to avoid the crowds and discover one of Flanders best-kept secrets. Get in touch if you want to have more info about this tour.

Get to see the Mechelen must-sees on your food tour - St Rumbold's Cathedral

Get to see the Mechelen must-sees on your food tour – St Rumbold’s Cathedral


You can choose to do this city tour in the morning or afternoon and it starts in front of the City Hall on the Main Square (Grote Markt). Once the centre of wealth in the Late Middle Ages and Burgundian capital of the Low Countries in the sixteenth century, this vibrant city has kept its past alive. It has, for instance, the largest number of monuments of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

From the Main Square, you explore Mechelen top attractions and landmarks. For example, St Rumbold’s Cathedral – one of the most prominent cathedrals in Belgium, Haverwerf, the old and new fish market (Vismarkt) and the palaces of Margaret of Austria and Margaret of York to name a few. In addition to its rich history, Mechelen has also a riverside walk, green areas, charming baroque houses, art galleries, and eight churches. In one of them – the St John’s church – you can admire the work of Pieter Paul Rubens. Your guide will tell you the tales that only locals know and take you to different areas.


Belgians are the original epicureans and love their food! This is not different for the people of Mechelen and the city has many eateries, small shops bakeries, and a food court that has its origins at the end of the 19th century. Belgium is especially known for French fries, chocolate, beer and waffles. Although these are traditional Belgian delicacies, this tour blends Mechelen specialities with tasters in places where also the locals like to go. We aim to support local, small Mechelen businesses, where the owners are happy to share their own story too. Therefore. you get an in-depth experience of this quaint little city.

If you wish to avoid the crowds of major nearby cities like Brussels or Antwerp and want to visit a charming place with a rich history and fantastic food scene, then Mechelen is a great alternative. Our food tour combines Mechelen must-sees with traditional local tasters and gives you a good overview of the city, whether you are here for a day or just a few hours. Welcome to Mechelen, Belgium!

Mechelen Culinary Experience – What to expect?

Cheese can be one of the tasters on your Mechelen food tour

Cheese can be one of the tasters on your Mechelen food tour


  • Time: Tuesday to Saturday 10 am and 1.30 pm
  • Meeting Point: Grote Markt (Main Square) in front of the City Hall
  • Duration: 2 hours (therefore, make sure you bring comfortable shoes)
  • Distance: 2-4 km
  • Book latest 48 hours in advance (so we can inform our suppliers)
  • Dietary needs: We try to accommodate most diets
  • Min. 4 participants
  • Max. 15 participants
  • Adults only (18+)


  • Mechelen Landmarks
  • Hidden Gems
  • Guide
  • Min. 4 tasters (therefore, do not eat a full meal right before your tour)
  • Happy memories

Private Bookings

Private Bookings of the Mechelen Food Tour are possible. Therefore, if you want to change the tour time to a time of choice, prefer another language than English, want to bring your children, or simply prefer to do this tour without any other participants and tailor it to your needs, please get in touch to check your options. Select ‘Book a Private Tour’ upon checkout. We charge an additional fee per person.

You get to hear some of Mechelen's history on your food tour

You get to hear some of Mechelen’s history on your food tour

Enquiries and Contact Details

If the minimum number of participants is not met, if you have special dietary needs, have a general question about this tour or want to make a private booking, call us on +44 (0) 7783 152151 or fill out our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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