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Tours of Mechelen* focuses solely on the pretty and charming city of Mechelen. In general, it is probably the most underrated place in Belgium. For that reason, we want to introduce you to the very best Mechelen has to offer. After all, it once was the capital of the Low Countries and home to many prominent historical figures. For instance, Margaret of Austria, Margaret of York and Charles the 5th. Mechelen is less than half an hour train ride from Brussels and Antwerp. Therefore, it is perfect for a day trip. Also, it only takes one hour when you travel from Ghent.

Less then half an hour by train, Mechelen is an ideal day trip from Brussels or Antwerp.

Less then half an hour by train, Mechelen is an ideal day trip from Brussels or Antwerp.


Mechelen has not only a rich history, but also some interesting stories and facts. For instance, did you know that the city hosts a world-famous school? Indeed, Mechelen has the largest and very first carillon school in the world and had visits from many important people. For example, Lyudmila Putina, former First Lady of Russia.

Moreover, Mechelen is also referred to as Dijlestad – ‘City on the river Dyle’ – due to this river passing through. Furthermore, there are some amazing parks and green areas, including a nature reserve. Last but not least, the city also offers a great food scene with plenty of cafes, restaurants, eateries and shops. Hence, a visit to Belgium is not complete without a visit to Mechelen.

Activities with Tours of Mechelen

We offer several tours in and around Mechelen, such as a Mechelen food tour, a running tour and cycle tour. Thus, no matter which one you choose, you get to know this hidden gem. All our tours are in English. However, special language requests are possible and locals can get a guided tour in Dutch if they want that. Our experiences do not only offer great ways to see and explore the city but also offer a lot of photo opportunities and stops to enjoy the views. In general, all tours can be customised and adjusted, so you get what suits you best.

All our tours have a COVID-19 policy in place based on the National Security (Nationale Veiligheidsraad) guidelines. This is not only for your safety and that of the people we work with, but also for our guides and other participants.

Mechelen Food Tour

Our Mechelen Food Tour is without a doubt a tour for foodie lovers and those who like to discover a city through local tasters. These tasters vary and are never the same. Examples of local goodies are Mechelen moons (Mechelse maantjes) and Carolus beer. However, Mechelen has also a great international community. ?Therefore, we want to introduce you to that as well. After all, it is part of the city’s culture. As a result, you may taste Russian dumplings and Moroccan tea on one occasion and Syrian nuts on another.

Cheese can be one of the tasters on your Mechelen food tour

Cheese can be one of the tasters on your Mechelen food tour

On the whole, we want you to experience something unique. For that reason, we carefully select our partners, so they can share their own story too. Did you know, that you also support these communities when you take part in this tour? We always aim to support local, small businesses.?

In addition to tasters, you also get spoiled with the highlights of Mechelen. For instance, the St. Rumbold’s Cathedral and the Main Square (Grote Markt) with its historical buildings. However, there is a lot more to discover!

Get to see the Mechelen must-sees on your food tour - St Rumbold's Cathedral

Get to see the Mechelen must-sees on your food tour – St Rumbold’s Cathedral

Running Tour Mechelen

If you are the more sporty type or want to cover more ground, our Running Tour Mechelen is undoubtedly an ideal activity during your day trip. You not only see the highlights of Mechelen such as the Main Square (Grote Markt) and shopping street Bruul, but you get outside the city centre too. There, you find parks and can discover nature reserves as well. This experience is in the first place a tour to discover the city and its surroundings and not a competition. Therefore, it is suitable for anyone. Although there is no specific level of fitness required, you need to be able to run at least 4 km. It should be noted that stops are made along the way.

Passing by the Main Square (Grote Markt) on your running tour in Mechelen

Passing by the Main Square (Grote Markt) on your running tour in Mechelen

Mechelen Cycling Tour (new – comes soon)

Tours of Mechelen is currently working on a new tour that also covers more ground. This experience starts in the city centre of this quaint, unique place. First, you see the major Mechelen must-sees such as the St Rumbold’s Cathedral, Haverwerf and the Fishmarket. Second, we make our way to areas outside the centre. In general, these tours vary as we like to bring some variation. Nonetheless, you will be pleasantly surprised how many parks and green areas there are to discover. And of course, there is also the river Dyle with many pretty options.

Cycling along Mechelen's green spots on our cycle tour

Cycling along Mechelen’s green spots on our cycle tour

Tours of Mechelen – Contact Details and Enquiries

You can email us on if you have any questions about Tours of Mechelen and our activities. However, you are also welcome to fill out the contact form below. We reply to you as soon as possible and look forward to welcoming you soon on one of our tours!

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