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Get pampered in Brighton
Get pampered and enjoy a lovely massage
Spa pool
Pedicure and Manicure just for you


Day or Weekend retreat


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Terms & Conditions specific to this tour

Being physically fit

Although the exercises (e.g. yoga) offered at the retreat are for everyone and stretches and poses are on a beginner level, it is your full responsibility to make sure that you are physically fit to exercise for 1 to 1.5 hours and inform Tours of Brighton about any pre-existing medical conditions that may have an impact.

If you fail to provide Tours of Brighton with the correct information and you are not able to attend this tour as a result, you will not receive any refund.

3rd parties

The retreat’s activities and services are often supplied by 3rd parties who are not agents, employees or subcontractors of Tours of Brighton and as such, Tours of Brighton is not responsible or liable for their acts or omissions and cannot be held liable in the event of loss of personal property or personal injury whilst participating in any activity.

Treatments and Therapies offered on the weekend retreat

Tours of Brighton carefully selects their third-party service partners; however, these service partners are independently operated and not employees of Tours of Brighton. Therefore, Tours of Brighton is not responsible or liable for actions taken by these service partners or any injury that may result from the provision of these services.

The treatment menu is subject to change at any time without notice. Therapies will also vary depending on the therapist’s style of working and school of training. Your therapist may also suggest an alternative tool or therapy more appropriate for you at any time during your session or weekend retreat. Tours of Brighton cannot guarantee that a therapy will be identical or even similar to that which you have experienced with other therapists on the weekend retreat, or even outside of the weekend retreat. This is particularly important if you yourself are a trained therapist. Please go into your session with an open mind without expectation to really gain full benefits.


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